Sustainable workwear for committed companies.

Ternua Workwear is the brand for companies that aim to protect their workers who are continuously exposed to the open air and are looking for quality, functional garments and accessories with outstanding technical performance, capable of responding to the demands and lasting over time. It is a brand that combines meticulous design and high-quality and environmentally friendly manufacturing, based on sustainable materials and processes that respect the environment.

Sustainable Innovation

Innovative solutions in fabrics and garments for work use with high technical performance but sustainable and environmentally friendly.


Our experience as manufacturers of outdoor clothing gives us a sound basis to be able to design and manufacture garments for work use with the same detail and quality and satisfying the same demanding requirements as we always have.


Working safe is living safe. That's why our garments are designed for professionals who value the sustainable origin of the materials and the reliability of the company as a supplier.

Outdoor Spirit

To join you out there. To protect you and ensure that our garments are capable of meeting your expectations after long hours of work outdoors. This is our spirit: to be the brand that accompanies you in your day-to-day work in the outdoors.

Discover our Workwear line

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We help companies and society by protecting workers while protecting the planet. By manufacturing quality, functional and high-performance textiles and accessories for work use that combine design and respect for the environment, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.



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